Blue and White Squads Battle to 2-2 Tie in Spring Finale

Fans Treated to Competitive Match (and Pizza) in Blue-White Women’s Volleyball Scrimmage

We weren’t there, but our crack team of researchers and statisticians reports that the Penn State Women’s Volleyball Blue-White Scrimmage on Saturday at Rec Hall was a roaring success.  Newly-hired assistant coach Steve Aird offered this:

“It was a really cool event that the fans and players enjoyed.  The support from the Booster Club was fantastic as usual and we appreciate their efforts.  Blue-White weekend at Penn State is a great time to be in Happy Valley.  I thought both teams did some nice things and competed hard.”


Both teams ran a 5-1 offense, with Kristin Carpenter setting the Blue team and Micha Hancock setting the White (see below for the rosters for the two squads).

The White team got off to a good start, winning the first set 25-22.  The Blue team fought back to take the second set, also by a 25-22 score.  In the third set, the White team prevailed for a hard-fought 26-24 victory and a 2-1 lead in the match.  But the Blue team dug deep, and secured a tie by winning the fourth set 15-9.

Here’s a sampling (in no particular order) of comments we received from fans who were at the match.  You’ll undoubtedly note that we don’t have comments on the play of Katie Slay, Nia Grant, Erica Denny, Ariel Scott, Dominique Gonzalez, Lacey Fuller, and Maggie Harding.  The only conclusion you should draw from that is that the fans who sent us comments were there to enjoy the match, not as reporters.  Every player worked hard this spring and in the match.

“Both teams played hard — there were several long rallies.”

“Marika Racibarskas played at OH and looked good as a hitter.”

“Both teams were pretty aggressive from the end line, so there were a number of missed serves.  Micha Hancock and Kristin Carpenter were letting it rip and Prieto-Cerame has a rocket as well.”

“Everyone looked to have improved from last year.  Hitting errors appear to have been reduced, and passing and defense both appear to have improved.”

“Prieto-Cerame looked good at OH, as did Aiyana Whitney, Maddie Martin and, of course, Deja McClendon.”

“Ali Longo was in civies watching the action from the bleachers, as was Alyssa D’Errico.”

“I’m really looking forward to the upcoming season.”

Numbers Game

The word before the match was that the team would be evenly-divided for the Blue-White Match, and judging by the score, that goal was accomplished.  Digging deeper, our crack team of researchers and statisticians came up with these numbers:


The seven members of the Blue Team averaged 1.86 years on the team; the seven White Team members averaged 1.28 years on the team.  Distinct advantage – Blue!


The Blue Team averaged 6′ 1/7″ per player, as did the White Team.  Tie!

2011 Stat Leaders

For attacking, the statistical advantage (based on 2011 stats) appeared to favor the White, but not by much.

Blue Team Attack Leaders - 2011

18McClendon, Deja12233334323.541441090.264
14Whitney, Aiyana652401131.7451320.194
7Grant, Nia11732321511.2944309.346

White Team Attack Leaders - 2011

1Scott, Ariel11833314183.541361083.260
16Slay, Katie12233332572.1163502.386
6Martin, Maddie9833241411.4460410.198
12Hancock, Micha12133321100.9134246.309

In blocking, the White enjoyed a bigger statistical advantage, but again, pretty evenly divided.

Blue Team Blocking - 2011 Stat Leaders

7Grant, Nia117323213941070.9140
18McClendon, Deja12233331348610.5063

White Team Blocking - 2011 Stat Leaders

16Slay, Katie1223333271461731.42113
1Scott, Ariel1183331581860.7321
12Hancock, Micha1213332554590.49919

In serving and setting, the White (read “Micha”) had a distinct advantage based on 2011 stats.

Blue Team Set/Serve Leaders - 2011

5Carpenter, Kristin100334760.76140.1437
33Fuller, Lacey6730040.0670.106

White Team Set/Serve Leaders - 2011

12Hancock, Micha1213332127510.54910.7576
4Gonzalez, Dominique84296190.2380.1021

In recepts/digs – pretty much a dead heat.

Blue Team - Recept/Dig Leaders - 2011

#Name SPMPMSREDigDig/Set
18McClendon, Deja1223333222452.01
5Carpenter, Kristin100334121821.82
33Fuller, Lacey6730013590.88

White Team - Recept/Dig Leaders - 2011

#Name SPMPMSREDigDig/Set
12Hancock, Micha121333242792.31
6Martin, Maddie983324211561.59
4Gonzalez, Dominique84296101231.46

Bottom Line – a Toss-up

Blue – more experienced.  White – a slight statistical advantage based on 2011 stats (which of course, ignores improvement and the role of Paulina Prieto-Cerame, who wasn’t on the team last season).

All-in-all, the 2-2 result in the match makes sense.

The Rosters

2012 Blue Team Scrimmage Roster

NumberName PositionEligibilityHeightHometownState/Nation
5Carpenter, Kristin DS/L/SSr.5-6MechanicsvilleVirginia
7Grant, NiaOHSo.6-2WarrenOhio
8Denny, Erica
MHSo. (RS)6-5CentennialColorado
10Racibarskas, Marika SSr.6-0ChathamNew Jersey
14Whitney, AiyanaOHSo.6-5RidgewoodNew Jersey
18McClendon, Deja

33Fuller, LaceyDS/LSo.5-6San DiegoCalifornia

2012 White Team Scrimmage Roster

NumberName PositionEligibilityHeightHometownState/Nation
1Scott, Ariel

Opp/MHJr.6-4RidgewoodNew Jersey
4Gonzalez, DominiqueDS/LSo.5-6San AntonioTexas
6Martin, MaddieOHJr.6-2TampaFlorida
12Hancock, MichaSSo.5-11EdmondOklahoma
15Harding, MaggieDSSo. (RS)5-6State CollegePennsylvania
16Slay, Katie
MHJr.6-6RaleighNorth Carolina
tbdPrieto Cerame, PaulinaOH/MHFr.6-2MiamiFlorida