Christa Harmotto’s Blog: Weathering the Storm in Taipei

Former Penn State All American Christa Harmotto, who currently is competing as a member of the USA Women’s Team in the World Grand Prix, has posted this blog entry from Chinese Taipei.

Weathering the Storm in Taipei

Aug. 8, 2009, Taipei. By Christa Harmotto

“The citizens of Taipei were not the only ones who ‘weathered the storm’ yesterday. The USA Women’s National team began fighting off Typhoon Morakot that morning during what was planned as a serve and pass session. Once the warm up began, the team found the practice to be more of a “slip and pass” and the court conditions more suitable for hockey due to the thick humidity and ceiling leakage caused by the incredible amounts of rainfall.” More from Christa’s blog.

[Editor’s note to FIVB: Christa Harmotto’s hometown is Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, not Colorado Springs, Colorado, as the Harmotto family, thousands of Aliquippans, and DigNittanyVolleyball readers, know well. But in any event, its great to hear from Christa!]