Hometowns: Alisha Glass

This is the third in our series profiling the hometowns of current (and past) members of the Penn State Women’s Volleyball team. Today we look at Leland, MI, the hometown of Alisha Glass.

Leland Michigan, the hometown of Alisha Glass, is not, technically speaking, really a town at all: it’s one of 10 unincorporated communities in Leelanau County. Whatever you call it, Leland is a beautiful community, at the mouth of the one-mile long Leland River, on Lake Michigan.

Originally a settlement of the Ottawa indian tribe, a new wave of settlers began arriving in the 1830’s, building a dam and a sawmill on the Leland River in 1854, and wooden docks, for steamers and schooners to transport new settlers and supplies. Today, Leland’s historic riverfront district is known as “Fishtown,” still home to a working fishery, a thriving charter fishing business, and a variety of shops and galleries.

Let’s take a look.

Here’s an aerial photo of Leland:

Check out these beautiful time-lapse videos of Leland and the surrounding area by Ken Scott. This was taken on June 25, 2009 — the 2009 Summer Solstice:

This was taken as a storm passed over west bay and Grand Traverse County:

Here’s Leland’s 2009 4th of July Parade (don’t miss the Fishtown Tap Dance School and Bait Shop performing at the 2 min. 46 sec. mark):

Back in Fishtown, let’s “Meet the Otters”:

The Leland Chamber of Commerce says: “Visit Beautiful Leland”:

I’m sold.