How to Join the Penn State Women’s Volleyball Booster Club (not affiliated with

The Booster Club helped sponsor the team’s trip in June to Brazil

Many of you may already be members of the Penn State Women’s Volleyball Booster Club, and if so, we thank you for your support for the team.

But it may be you aren’t aware of the Booster Club, or don’t know what it does, or how to join it.  If any of those are true for you, this post should help.

About the Booster Club

Among other things, the Booster Club raises money for the foreign trip the team takes every four years (this June they traveled to Brazil).  It’s a great experience for the players, and a great opportunity to learn about the broader world.

If you visit Rec Hall for a match, you’ll see Booster Club volunteers selling team gear — hats, shirts, etc. — to help raise money for team projects.

And if you stick around after most Saturday evening home matches, you’ll be able to mingle with booster club members, players, and coaches at the Saturday Night Social (typically featuring wickedly delicious ice cream from the Penn State Creamery).

How to Join

So even if you aren’t able to get to a match this season, consider joining the Booster Club at whatever level makes sense for you.  Click Here to go straight to the Booster Club membership page, or look at the information below (it’s a static image, so clicking on it won’t do anything other than frustrate you — you need to go the Booster Club membership page):



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