Penn State Rankings in NCAA Statistics: 9-13-09

Here’s how the Nittany Lions (and leading Penn State players) rank in the NCAA Statistics through 9-13-09. Each category shows Penn State’s team (or leading individual) ranking with the relevant statistic and, in parenthesis, the #1 ranked school (or individual) in that category, with the relevant statistic:

Team Statistics
Aces Per Set: 49th 1.7 (Oregon 3.21)
Assists Per Set: 13th 13.22 (Texas A&M 14.81)
Blocks Per Set: 2nd 3.19 (Texas 3.5)
Digs Per Set: 226th 12.85 (NJIT 19.63)
Hitting %: 1st .440
Kills Per Set 9th 14.41 (Texas A&M 15.65)

Individual Statistics
Aces Per Set: Alyssa D’Errico 34th 0.52 (Heather Meyers, Oregon 1.41)

Assists Per Set: Alisha Glass 10th 11.7 (Hillary Haen, Ill. 12.55)

Blocks Per Set: Arielle Wilson 11th 1.48; Fatima Balza 19th; 1.44 Blair Brown 118th 1.07
(Sarah Morton, Syr. 1.78)

Digs Per Set: Alyssa D’Errico 181st 3.7 (Sabrina Baby, NJIT 6.5)

Hitting % Arielle Wilson 5th .505; Megan Hodge 6th .475; Blair Brown 32nd .397; Darcy Dorton 97th .355 (Bianca Rowland, Wash. 0.56)

Kills Per Set: Megan Hodge 24th 4.32 (Yun Yi Zhang, Temple 6.17)

Points Per Set: Megan Hodge 23rd 4.86; Blair Brown 188th 3.7 (Yun Yi Zhang, Temple 6.69)