Picture This: Photos by Steve Manuel from Pitt Match at Rec Hall

Steve Manuel is a Penn State professor and a great photographer who kindly shares his work with DigNittanyVolleyball.  There’s that old saying about a picture being worth 1,000 words.  I think in the case of Steve Manuel’s photos, it’s even more.  Here are five photos from last night’s match with Pitt at Rec Hall, and two more he just sent from the Stanford match on September 13th.  I know some will differ on this, but these photos say last night’s loss wasn’t about lack of effort.

Jonni Parker attacks the Panthers
Jenna Hampton defends against Pitt
Russ Rose during Pitt match
Kendall White and Keeton Holcomb during Pitt Match at Rec Hall
Jenna Hampton dives for a dig against Pitt





Jonni Parker during Stanford match
Serena Gray and Allyson Cathey blocking against Stanford