Recruiting Update: Kendall White

Kendall White

The 2016 season is just around the corner (if you view March through August as a “corner”), so in a burst of uncharacteristic enthusiasm, our slacker staff said “Why not do a recruiting update on the incoming 2016 class?”  Actually, they said no such thing — I don’t even know where they are half the time — but it does seem like a good idea.  We’ve started with Kendall White, a 5-5 L/DS on the Cathedral High School (Indianapolis, IN) Fighting Irish volleyball team.   (Note: We’ve had Kendall listed as 5-7 since forever, but noticed that MaxPreps lists her at 5-5.  We have no idea how tall Kendall really is, but we’re going with 5-5.  If she’s taller, well, she’ll have exceeded our expectations.) named Kendall as its #38 Senior Ace in 2016, describing her as “a  gritty game-changer,” a libero “who wants every ball and has the confidence to know that she will get the job done every time.”  Her coach, Jean Kesterson (who is in the Indiana Hall of Fame), has described her as having an “intense competitive spirit [that] is well beyond her years,” and as “the best freshman libero I have ever seen in Indiana in more than 25 years of coaching high school volleyball. . . . She just has it.”

When MaxPreps named Kendall to its 2015 High School All-America Girls Volleyball Team, they noted that she averaged almost four digs per set and had committed only nine errors on serve-receive.   Below are some videos about Kendall and her team, courtesy of MaxPreps: