USA Sweeps China – Megan Hodge Debuts in Style!

                                      Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

“Megan Hodge, you can’t do it here in the arena, but do it in your room, back in the Village.  Take a little victory lap.  That was an incredible performance.”  NBC commentator following Megan Hodge’s 18-kill performance after entering the match with the United States trailing 7-11 in the second set against China.

Whether the United States was flat, or whether the Chinese women were simply outplaying them, the match wasn’t going well on Wednesday.  China was leading by a score of 11-7 in the second set, after having nearly taken the first set, before falling 26-24.

Then head coach Hugh McCutcheon sent in two substitutes — former Penn State great Megan Hodge and all-time Olympic great Danielle Scott-Arruda, both of whom were seeing their first action in the tournament, and both of whom promptly made their presence known.  During the comeback, Hodge had four consecutive kills, and five-time Olympian Scott-Arruda registered two kills and a block as the Americans stretched their lead to 22-14.  Overall, the United States won 18 of the set’s final 23 points, taking the set 25-16.

It was a dramatic coming-put party for Hodge, who throughout the second set, and for much of the third, was seemingly unstoppable, and who ended the match with a team-high 18 kills.  The announcers had nothing but praise for her — in particular how she has improved her overall game over the past 12 months.

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The third set was tight, tight, tight, as the Chinese refused to lose, fending off five match points before the Americans were finally able to finish at 31-29.

We said the match would either solidify the United States’ leader status, or force a reboot.  Reboot not necessary — this team looks solid.


Scoring - United States vs. China

2Scott-Arruda, DanielleMB6-20527
3Haneef-Park, TayyibaOpp6-70000
4 Berg, LindseyS5-80303
5Miyashiro, TamariL5-70000
6Davis, NicoleL5-40000
10Larson, JordanOH6-20202
11Hodge, MeganOH6-3018018
13Harmotto, ChristaMB6-20112
15Tom, LoganOH6-12529
16Akinradewo, FolukeMB6-308210
17Thompson, CourtneyS5-80000
19Hooker, DestineeOpp6-4217322

Scoring - China vs. United States

1WANG YimeiWS6-31506
2MI YangS5-110000
4HUI RuoqiWS6-20606
6CHU JinlingWS6-11809
7ZHANG XianL5-60000
8WEI QuiyueS6-00202
9YANG JunjingMB6-30459
10SHAN DannaWS5-60000
11XU YunliMB6-50224
12ZENG ChunleiOS6-127110
15MA YunwenMB6-20404
17ZHANG LeiOS5-110505

Cumulative Scoring - United States

2Scott-Arruda, DanielleMB6-2208311
3Haneef-Park, TayyibaOpp6-750123
4 Berg, LindseyS5-851607
5Miyashiro, TamariL5-750000
6Davis, NicoleL5-450000
10Larson, JordanOH6-25245451
11Hodge, MeganOH6-32019019
13Harmotto, ChristaMB6-25220830
15Tom, LoganOH6-15240648
16Akinradewo, FolukeMB6-351411560
17Thompson, CourtneyS5-850000
19Hooker, DestineeOpp6-4538714104