We Are Not Counting Chickens! Stat Joust: Penn State – Texas

So far this NCAA Women’s volleyball season, Texas and Penn State have stood out from the rest of the pack: Both are undefeated, both have, for the most part, dominated their opponents, and they are perched atop the current AVCA poll, with all 60 of the first place votes.

We aren’t counting any chickens, hatched or otherwise. Neither Penn State nor Texas is guaranteed any victories in the NCAA tournament, let alone a spot in the NCAA Tournament finals. As this video shows, chicken counting is frought with risk:

Nonetheless, we were curious as to how the two teams match up statistically — invoking, once again, our “lies, damn lies, and statistical comparisons” qualifier. So, drawing no conclusions, and not suggesting there is any predictive value to this comparison, here are team and individual statistics (at the conference level, and then at the NCAA level) for Penn State and Texas: